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The future is here!
AI Assistants for productive workdays

Always Available

Able to reach the AI Assistants anytime

Omnichannel Support

Interact with them using email, chat, SMS, voice etc.

Conversations. Not Forms

The new way to work. Chat/email/talk to them like you do with other humans

100% PRIVACY Guaranteed. We or AI Assistants never share your data with anyone. To this day, we have disclosed 0 bytes of user data to third parties, including governments.

How it works?

  • Purchase an AI Assistant

    Purchase the AI Assistant- Pepper, Addison etc. These are typically priced at $1 or $3 per month.

  • Follow the email instructions

    After you make a purchase, you will receive an email on how to activate the AI Assistant. Click on the link given in the email to activate your assistant.

  • Start Chatting

    After that, you can send emails or use other channels to communicate with your AI Assistant. For example, if you have purchased Addison then you will send emails to addison@piri.ai almost as if Addison was a human.

Need to build your own custom AI assistant. Let us know.  We can build any custom AI Assistant in a very short period using our PIRI Platform