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Execution is like a puppet show.  You have to manipulate lot of strings to execute the puppet play.  One string is looser than it should be and the performance goes bad.  Hire a talented, hard working and detail-oriented program manager.  At PIRI, we have an uncompromising high standard and have put checks in place to assess candidates objectively. This way you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to use standard formula of interviewing. You just focus on what skills you want. 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the assigned engineer, we will replace him right away. A PIRI On-boarding Manager will contact you with details of the assigned engineer within 7 days of you placing an order.

Principal Engineer/Architect

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Program manage to coordinate program delivery by outsourced team.  Strong sense of ownership, and aid with identifying and resolving dependencies, tracking progress across different teams, and ensuring the work progresses, while clearly communicating progress and risks to project stakeholders.

  • Build up a collaborative relationship by partnering with various stake holders
  • Ensure and drive completions of all committed tasks and deliverables
  • Run daily stand-ups and bring teams into an agile cadence of frequent iterations
  • Increase team productivity by removing obstacles and keeping processes lean.
  • Maintain urgency by ensuring there is strong collaboration within multiple parts of the organization who may have completing priorities.
  • Regularly assess risks and opportunities; understand best practices, drive for process improvements, and find new ways of operating, with a focus on simplification and productivity.
  • Excellent written and oral business communication and people skills